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Services Available

Quick Visit - $15 Currently, only available in Bethel after 1:30pm.

Just a quick stop in to let your pup relieve himself and get a little mid-day attention. A quick visit is also great for independent cats or small animals while you are away. I will change the water, feed your pets, clean the litter box, spend quality time with your pet, and anything else they may need.

Walks - 20 to 30 minutes: $20; 4-5 days/week: $17 Sorry, but I do not have time in my schedule right now for mon-fri 30 min walks.

A nice walk will allow your dog to stretch his legs, get out some energy, do his business, and get a little love. Price includes 2 dogs (or cats); each additional is $5 per dog. Feeding available at no extra charge.