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About Me

My name is Amy Polkowski and I am the owner of Lucky Pup Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. I have nearly 20 years of pet sitting experience, including dogs, cats, fish, lizards, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, etc. Dogs are my real passion, but I love all animals big and small!

I am a graduate of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT with a major in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Prior to opening Lucky Pup Pet Sitting, I worked in the marketing and business systems departments at Church Hill Classics, for 5 years. For 7 years before that, I worked at Pied Piper Pony Rides, bringing ponies and other farm animals to birthday parties, fairs, etc. In high school, I briefly worked at a dog kennel but realized quickly that it was not for me. Since then, I've wanted to own my own pet sitting service and dog daycare and hope to expand to daycare some day.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the Danbury area. I have a proven track record of being punctual, reliable, and responsible. Excellent references are available on request! Please feel free to call or email with any questions: (203) 312-4212 or [email protected]. Additional services may be available upon request.

As a side note, apparently there is another sitting service in Newtown with a similar website as mine. Since I don't know anything about them, I just want to clarify that we are not affiliated.

Some of my friends...see my facebook page for more current postings (and liking my page does not mean I can view your profile, but you'll see cute dogs and funny pet stories if you do).

Max, my little "chicken". I adopted Max from a family who had recently had a baby and couldn't keep him anymore because his screeching. I'm happy to say that his screeching is down to a minimum now and we get along great!

Lucas was my best bud for 11 years. He's been gone almost 3 years now, but not a day goes by where I don't miss seeing his whole body wiggle with joy, or the perfect 90 degree angle his nose made against his face, or even waking up in the middle of the night with this 1o0 lbs beast taking up way more than his fair share of the bed.

Bailey, always a lady, is one of my absolute favorite dogs in the world. She's a 4 year old Golden Doodle and would make Lassie look like a trouble maker. I've been sitting for Bailey since she was just a puppy and look forward to watching her every time!

Tess is Bailey's little sister and one of the cutest little trouble makers around. She's always entertaining, though Bailey might say something different if she could.

Noah, an older boy from Redding, is always a joy to watch. He's truly a loyal and noble guy who just likes to hang out and keep watch of everything.

Little Lyla here is great! She has such a great personality and she's just so cute! She was rescued as a little pup from Puerto Rico and now spends her days driving Noah insane.

This friendly and fluffy little rag doll is Cammy. She's one of 3 cats, and though the other 2 tend to hide from Lyla, Cammy has no problem showing the pup who's boss.

Bridger is another Golden Doodle ( a great breed from my experience) and a sweetheart. He is a big goof ball who will eat anything in site and loves to play with his friends Pepe and Lela.

Lela is a sweet pup who was rescued by a wonderful family from the streets of Puerto Rico after being intentionally set on fire. Even with that past, she absolutely loves people and would do anything to be by your side, on your lap, or any where you are.

These crazy cats are Confucius and Wonky. I've been sitting for them since they were just tiny kittens, rescued from a box on the streets of NYC. They love to play and one of them will actually sit up and wave to you.

Trixie is an absolute sweetheart who loves her walks. She gets so excited when she sees the leash, she can't help but whine with excitement.

Brutus, an English Mastiff, may look big but he's still just a baby and has plenty more growing to do. He's adorable and loving and always a pleasure to watch!

Zoe, a rescue, is the definition of an attention hound! She knows all she has to do is put her head down and look up at you with those big brown eyes to get a little extra love. She's a great dog and I'm going to miss her when she and her family move to Florida.

Mimi is a character and a half! Although much smaller than her big sister Zoe, her heart is huge. She loves to curl up next to you on the couch and if you rub her belly in just the right spot, she puts her two front feet together and does the doggy paddle in the air.

Ruby's not just beautiful, she has a heart to match. A sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback who just wants some love and some treats, she's a great older sister to two bulldogs and a cat.

Bella may have a face only a mother (and pet sitter!) could love, but she has an attitude everyone can. She's happy as long as she has a soft bed to snore on, a little sister to wrestle with, and someone to rub her belly!

Sophia may look like a tough pup, but really she's a big mush. She loves to snuggle and would do anything for a little love. She also seems to take pride her ability to antagonize her older sisters!

Honey really is as sweet as her name. I've never met a cat quite as friendly and cuddly as her. She lives in a house with 3 dogs, but they all seem to respect her as one of their own.

Handsome Bill here is a perfect family dog. He's got a great heart and is extremely patient with his little brother Wilson. He's pretty happy as long as he has a tennis ball and someone to scratch his ears.

Wilson is one of those floppy little puppies that makes your heart melt. He's part black lab/part Rhodesian Ridgeback and is still working on running without tripping over his big feet. He was adopted from a bad situation by a great family and is one lucky pup!

For a tiny little lady, Sophie is one of the most outgoing and adventurous pups around. She loves to meet new people, play with other dogs, and go for walks in the park. And at the end of a long day, she enjoys a good cuddle with her feline friend Winston, who declined photos.

Poor Jack here is recovering from a pretty major surgery and has to be separated from his buddy Lesco until the staples are removed. On the plus side, he gets to do his favorite things: sleep on the bed, eat, sleep on the cable box, and eat some more. Even better, he now has a really cool haircut to show off!

My buddy Riley is one of the most loving dogs you could ever meet. He just wants to be your friend, even if he knocks you down in the process of saying "Hi". He's the Mayor of the condo complex, greeting everyone and inspecting each yard to make sure they're green enough.

It's hard not to fall in love with a stumpy- legged dog like Max. He's just so happy and charming! Each time I came in the house, he'd stand on his little back legs and do a dance. I just couldn't get enough of Max.

Baxter is a superhero among dogs. Able to be still as a statue one moment, faster than a Frisbee the next. He's always good for a laugh and all he wants in return is a quality snuggle

and a long walk, which I am happy to provide!

My dear Pepper here is a fabulous lady. She's super smart and super sweet. Each time I visit her, the cookie cupboard is mysteriously open, but nothing is missing, so she's super polite too!

I generally refer to Harley as Miss Lazy Bones. She's a girl who knows what she wants and sometimes it's a nice long walk, and sometimes it's to keep snoozing on her owner's bed. She gets so excited that her belly rubber is here, the only way to get her off the bed without her peeing on it is to lure her off one piece of cookie at a time.